Available Adult Dogs
Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
We are currently searching for the perfect homes for a couple of our adult dogs.

Shiloh is a three year old black female that unfortunately we do not seem to be able to get pregnant. She has had
all health clearances and is very healthy otherwise. Shiloh is quite a character. She is very sweet and wants to be
with you at all times. However she is also very smart and loves getting into the trash and counter surfing while you
are not looking (my fault for not training her better!) She is mellow while around her people but gets excited around
new people for the first few minutes. Her energy level is moderate and she loves swimming, retrieving and is one
of my most tolerant and gentle when playing with other dogs. She is fine with cats and small dogs and loves kids
although with any Lab, she can have a tendency to knock over really small kids with exuberant licking. Oh, and
she is obsessed with babies! Anytime she sees a (human) baby, she tries to steal his/her socks! She does pull
somewhat on leash but knows basic commands (sit, down, wait, etc.) She is completely crate trained as well. She
will be spayed prior to placement. See Shiloh by going back to the home page and clicking on her picture, and/or
call for more information (619) 659-5756

Tank is our 6 1/2 year old chocolate boy. It breaks my heart to even list my big sweet Bubba as available. We are
looking for a very specific, San Diego area home where he will be the only dog or no more than one other dog in
the home. We would also require the home to keep him un-neutered for one more year while we are raising our
next male pup, just in case we need to use him for stud another time or two. Tank is such a good boy. He
absolutely loves attention. He gets along well with all other dogs, the only exception might be another un-neutered
male if a female was around. Tank is normally very good on leash, although may pull to greet another dog or
person. He knows all basic commands and is crate trained. He has all health clearances and has never been to the
vet once in 6 1/2 years for a health problem, only basic checkups for his health clearances or rabies shot. He is
great with kids but big at 95 pounds and exuberant so a home with very small kids might not be the best idea due
to his big thick butt and tail attached being practically a lethal weapon. See Tank by going back to the home page
and and clicking on his picture, and/or call for more information. And please, don't be offended if I give you the
third degree :)