Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
Cedar Ranch King of the Beasts     "Griffin"
2018 is the year of the puppies! It is time for
us to keep several pups as part of our future
generation, and we are so proud of the little
chocolate boy that we kept now called Griffin
(formerly called "Dude" when he was with his
littermates, and he still answers to it!) His
mother is our Phoebe, and Griffin marks our
5th generation of gorgeous chocolates.
Griff's dad is Gr. Ch. Quailchase Bearcreek
Jolly Joe. We cannot wait to see how Griffin
grows up. So far he is extremely mellow,
eager to please and trainable, just like his
momma! Check back for more pictures as he
Griffin, 10 weeks
Griffin, 5 weeks, back when he
was called Dude :)
Griffin, 8 weeks
Griffin, 4 months
Griff, newborn, lower left
Griffin Clearances
Ht: still growing
Wt: 40 lbs, still growing
OFA Hips: will be done at 2 years
OFA Elbows: will be done at 2 years
OFA Cardiac: will be done at 1 year
OFA Patella: will be done at 1 year
OFA Eyes: Normal 2018
EIC: Clear by parentage
CNM: Clear by parentage
PRA: Clear by parentage
HNPK: Clear or carrier by parentage (will test when older)
RD/OD: Clear by parentage
SD 2: Clear by parentage
DM: Clear by parentage
Dilute: Clear by parentage
Copper Toxicosis: DNA Clear
Dilute: Clear by parentage
Phoebe, Griffin's dam
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
Eyes: OFA Clear 2015, 2016, 2017
Cardiac: OFA Clear
Patella: OFA Clear
EIC: DNA Clear
CNM: DNA Clear
PRA: DNA Clear
HNPK: DNA Carrier
RD/OD: DNA Clear
SD 2: DNA Clear
DM: DNA Clear
Dilute: DNA Clear
Click on picture below for her page
For Griffin's sire, please google
Gr. Ch. Quailchase Bearcreek
Jolly Joe, as we do not share
other breeders' dog photos on
our website.
Griffin, 5 months