Riggsrun Harley at Cedar Ranch   "Harley"
This is Harley. She is Rick's dog, whereas the Labs
are all mine! She is a Border Terrier and weighs
about 14 pounds. Border Terriers were bred to go
down into the fox den to flush out the fox and to kill
rodents so they are fearless little monsters. She is
already being true to her breed and helping Rick
take care of our resident gopher, squirrel, rat and
mouse population, as well as ruling the roost and
bossing the Labs and humans around. Harley is
happy to meet everyone and is very friendly and
outgoing. She helps to socialize the pups with
smaller dogs as well. She loves water and retrieving
just like a Lab! Harley is just our pet and will not be
used for breeding, so don't expect any Border
Terrier pups in our future, although we highly
recommend them as a smaller companion dog to
the Labrador breed.