Our Facility
Cedar Ranch Labradors is located on 13 acres in beautiful Descanso, CA in the mountains of Eastern San Diego County. To the
north of us is uninterrupted forest of oak and chaparral which changes to pine in the higher elevations. Our property has many
mature cedar and oak trees as well as an orchard of fruit trees, and a large pond that contains many fish and turtles. We also have a
cattle, several cats, chickens, a Border Terrier named Harley whose mission in life is to kill all squirrels, and a new Rat Terrier pup
named Bluebell. Our kennel is comprised of fenced acreage as well as 8 covered outdoor concrete floor kennels with floor drains
and two indoor climate controlled whelping rooms. We also have a nice office and separate storeroom. The dogs run and play
outdoors  during the day and are put up in the kennels at night for their own safety and protection from the elements and wild
Office and Puppy Rooms
Puppy Room
A typical day in the life of a Cedar Ranch Labrador:
7:00 AM- All dogs let out for the day to play, kennels cleaned if needed.
11:00-12:00- Midday check on dogs, retrieving, cookie time.
4:00-5:00- Individual training sessions
Dusk- Dogs fed and put to bed for the night with various toys.
A typical day in the life of a Cedar Ranch Labrador Puppy:
7:00 AM- Pups fed and let out to play outside weather permitting. While pups are outside the indoor kennel and litter box is
thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Toys and dishes are washed after mealtimes. Pups are played with and worked with using the
Puppy Culture method of socialization (please feel free to Google Puppy Culture!) Crate Time.
12:00 PM- Pups fed again, held and cuddled. More Puppy Culture. Pups play with each other and age appropriate toys all day.
5:00 PM- Pups fed again, sound CD played, cleanup done again if necessary, depending on the size of the litter. Dishes washed.  
Loves and cuddles. Puppy Culture Training revisited.
8:00 PM- Pups petted and lights turned out for the night, classical music at bedtime.
Outdoor area
The Four Seasons
A very large bullfrog
Yes ranchers do kill rattlesnakes
when we find them, sorry!
Endangered Western Bluebirds on
the front porch
One of about 20 turtles that live in our
Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
Also endangered Horned Toad
Some not so pleasant creatures
Wild Turkeys