Past Puppies
Thanks to all of our puppy owners who have kindly submitted pictures and kept us informed as to what our puppies are up to!
Kenna- Libby X Decoy                Adult Kenna
Lucky- Ruby X Trace
Diesel- Libby X Decoy
Tilly- Libby X Decoy
Charlie- Libby X Decoy
Payton- Brandy X Gunnar
Romeo- Brandy X Gunnar
Ransom- Brandy X Gunnar
Brandy Jr.- Brandy X Gunnar
Bella- Brandy X Gunnar
Chuck- Libby X Decoy
Squid- Libby X Trace
Makita- Ruby X Trace
Elvee- Ruby X Trace
Cooper- Ruby X Trace
Molly- Ruby X Trace
Gunnar- Libby X Trace
Butkus- Libby X Trace
Matisse- Brandy X Trace
Walter- Libby X Trace
Duma- Libby X Trace
Chance- Brandy X Trace
Chance- Brandy X Trace
Sandy- Brandy X Trace
Dakota- Brandy X Trace                 adult Dakota
Jake- Brandy X Trace
Del- Brandy X Trace
Adult Chance- Brandy X Trace
Crash- Hershey X Trace
Kate- Hershey X Trace
Sadie Mae- Ruby
X Rascal
Beckham (choc)- Ruby X Rascal
Maddie- Ruby X Rascal
Jack- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Maya (choc)- Ruby X Rascal
Sunny- Amber X Trace
Sage- Amber X Trace
Molly- Nevada X Trace
Cash- Shelley X Trace
Blacky- Shelley
X Trace
Cooper- Brandy X Trace                      Adult Cooper
Tank- Brandy X Trace
Izzy- Ruby X Mack
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Apple- Ruby X Rascal
Mia- Ruby X Mack
Duff- Ruby X Mack
Dude- Ruby X Mack
Izzy- Ruby X Mack
Ace- Ruby X Mack
Duke- Ruby X Mack
Maverick- Ruby X Mack
Kona Coll- Ruby X Mack
Kona Crowley- Ruby X Mack
Ruby- Bodie X Mack
Roxie- Bodie X Mack
Adult Rory- Bodie X Mack
Rory- Bodie X Mack
Adult Ruby- Bodie X
Hondo- Bodie X Mack
Cannon- Bodie X Mack
Daisy- Libby X Trace
Shelby and Dakota- Karlie X Trace
Jelly- Libby X Trace
Rylee- Libby X Trace                             Adult Rylee
River (left)- Karlie X Trace
Huntington (right) Brandy X Ike
Luke- Karlie X Trace
Cali Rae- Pearl X Mack
Remy- Pearl X Mack
Chelsea- Opal X Schooner
Chelsea- Opal X Schooner
Taz- Opal X Schooner
Ranger- Opal X Schooner
Adult Decoy- Opal X Schooner
Decoy- Opal X Schooner
Bodie Jr. (black)- Bodie X Mack
Bella (yellow)- Shelley X Trace
Sophie- Karlie X Trace
Boomer- Ruby X Mack
Maya- Ruby X Mack
Sophia- Ruby X Mack
Siena- Bodie X John
Dyzl (front)- Bodie X John
Reba- Opal X Tio
Siena- Bodie X John
Siena- Bodie X John
Hope- Opal X Tio
Kaia- Opal X Tio
Kona- Opal X Tio
Stella- Karlie X Trace
Vinny (black) and Bobby (choc)
Libby X Decoy
Taylor - Pinky X Jordan
Charley - Bodie X Ike
Bailey - Bodie X Ike
Gunnar (yellow) - Libby X Trace 2006
Meggie (L) and Emma (R) - Gracie X Mack
Pinky - Shiann X Trace
Molly - Shiann X Trace
Beckham - Ruby X Rascal
Kona - Maddie X Ike 2011
RC - Pinky X Jordan
Adult Kona
Adult Bella