Retired Dogs
DOB 3/15/2003

was a wonderful mother and
produced litters of all three
colors for us to enjoy. She was
extremely smart and received
her CGC title and CD title with
Torrey as her trainer.  We did
not keep any puppies from her
as she was more of an American
type Labrador. She is enjoying
her retirement with her owners
Michael and Nicole and her
"younger brother" Blarney who
is an Opal/Schooner puppy. One
of the first things she taught her
new owners was that she knew
how to open cabinets, in which
she found and ate 2 lbs. of
chocolate chips!
Twin Cedars Let Freedom Ring
Jack, Opal and Maddie, Ebby,
and great aunt to Crystal. dog
although I hear she is all grey
now at age 10!
DOB 8/4/2005
breeding program. She now lives
to go bye-bye and they are
continually amazed at how smart
she is.
Cedar Ranch She's Somebody's Hero
DOB 9/20/2005
This is Shelley. She had three small litters
not in her best interest to continue to be
bred. She now lives with a maltese brother
This is Shelley. She had three small litters
and loves to lie around and be a couch
Karlie was a gorgeous girl that
produced two litters of white and
yellow pups for us. She now is an
only dog for her owners Tom and

Nevada only had one litter
while nursing pups. She is
enjoying her "brother" Charlie,
a Libby and Decoy son.
This is Brookie, full sibling to Opal,
Jack and Maddie and half sibling to
Bodie. She was a promising breeding
prospect but tore her ACL while and
not feel it was in her best interest to
belly! She is enjoying her new family
and being an only dog.
Cedar Ranch Sunshine on the
DOB 4/18/2008

Salor was a wonderful combo of the Cedar Ranch and Alpine
breeding programs. She was the epitome of all we strive to produce,
however, she was infertile.  She is enjoying life with her new family
the Brewers and her new yellow Lab sister
In any responsible breeding program there are reasons that a male or female will be retired from the program. They may have fertility problems
placed in homes where they are the center of attention and no longer have to compete with several other dogs for attention. Most people love to
have one of our well trained retired dogs and we know that they are well cared for by their new families.
producing four excellent litters
Mahre family and is enjoying 6
month old pup sired by her
brother Jack. Click on Bodie's
picture to see her page.
DOB 11/30/2006

Pinky was a wonderful addition to our
breeding program that we acquired as
an adult. She produced 3 litters for us of
extremely smart, talented pups of which
several have gone on to sporting events.
She will be enjoying her retirement with
the Tsuchida family. Click on Pinky's
picture to see her page.
always been such a gentleman and has
produced the most incredible pups
much! He is retiring with the Cochrane
family on their ranch so he will be right
at home. Click on Trace's picture to see
his page.
Tealwood's Keep On Truckin'

has produced wonderful healthy
chocolate and black pups for us
over the past 7 years. Click on

and Peggy of Alpine Labradors.
We have her daughters Ruthie and
Ebby to carry on her legacy! Click
on Maddie's picture to see her
Cedar Ranch Wind Walker
DOB 7/23/2008

Shianne was a wonderful mom as
you can see, even borrowing other
after her first litter. We decided to
retire her and she is enjoying life
with the Larsen Family and their two
young children. We will miss her
irrepressible personality and not so
much her squeaky bark. We have
her young niece Glory to continue
on with her bloodline. Click on
Shiann's picture to go to her page.
Cedar Ranch Labrador Retrievers
DOB 10/4/2006

Opal was another of Ruby's
gorgeous daughters. She
produced several nice litters
of pups of all 3 colors.
She is enjoying her
retirement from motherhood!
We miss her so much! Click
on Opal's picture to see her
Rockinoak Hunt for Red October
DOB 6/3/2007

This is Red. Her color is called "fox red", which is
the name for the darkest phase of the yellow
coloration. We have always wanted a fox red for
our breeding program and we were overjoyed to
have come across Red as an adult. She produced
two lovely litters for us from which we kept a pup
from each. Her daughters Blaze and Ellie Mae will
hopefully produce some nice dark yellows and fox
reds for us in the future. Red is retired and loves
babysitting the Kenyon family's young daughter!
Click on Red's picture to view her page.
Onyx was retired from breeding
Schooner, a male that we used