Twin Cedars Let Freedom Ring   "Ruby"
This is Ruby. Ruby is retired from our
breeding program now but is a huge part of it
still as we have two of her daughters, Bodie
and Opal, and two of her granddaughters,
Saylor and Cleo. Ruby is enjoying being the
center of attention and an only dog with her
new family. Ruby passed her unique, funny
personality to her offspring as well as her
retrieving drive and love of water. She is a
deep rich chocolate with nice dark eyes, a
very stocky, compact build and otter tail. We
miss her but visit her on occasion as she only
lives 15 minutes away.
Ruby Vital Statistics:
Age: 7 years old.
Ht: 22" at shoulder
Wt:70 lbs.
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: (R) Normal Prelim
(L) mild arthritis due to radius
and ulna fracture as a pup
OFA Cardiac: Normal
OFA Patella: Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal '05, '06,
'07, '08, '09
Optigen PRA: Normal
Ruby, age 2
Ruby, age 4, and her litter of 13 puppies!
Ruby, age 2
Ruby, age 5
Ruby, age 5
Ruby, age 5